​State of Wisconsin Surplus

  Because of the good economy, built by Scott Walker and Donald Trump, we have a big surplus in our budget.
What do we do with it?
     Last decades we  put billions into education.  
     Since 1970 spending on education has gone up tenfold, for 350,000 fewer students, yet scores are down.
     An article in Milwaukee Journal today says half of the kids in Junior high are not ready for college.     

Bill Gates say Common Core is a disaster, cause math scores are the lowest in history.
So before we run and throw more money at education, the legislature has done that the last  40 years we must demand excellence.

 In all the tile about elution and money why is lacking in the media?? 
​Demand for excellence for the kids.  We owe that to the parents and the taxpayers.
The parents and kids are getting screwed, cause all the money is going to more administrators in schools, and everything but the classroom.

Only 54% of money is going into the classroom.

 So our kids in 12 districts cannot even read but the Educrats demand more money.
 Save the taxpayers, parents and kids  of the state by putting any excess money into property tax relief.

    If the local schools feel need for more money, let them make use to the taxpayers in their area.

In Wauwatosa, we just spent $314 million dollars over the next 20 years for four new schools.  Our DPI, PSI scores are all below what neighboring counties are, and only 54% or so gets into classrooms.
The rest gets sucked up into administrative costs that do nothing for the kids, and Left wing politics, despite the fact that 75% of the people are opposed to politics, particular Left wing, into the schools.
The NEA and Soros backed groups are pushing the indoctrination of the kids into left wing politics.
   These Leftwing  people that are now in charge of the schools have wrecked everything they touch: MPS, Scouts, Milwaukee, Illinois, California  and turning our kids into vaping and Pot users.

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