Flash:  Stupidity by Evers, Bruce Murphy and the left.  First year they have increased unemployed and reduced the number of Wisconsin are working?  How?


First, they demagogue the Foxconn company, thereby sending out sound waves to all the world that Wisconsin is anti-business.


Foxconn is the biggest Tech company in the world and can do nothing but good for our kids, who badly need training and jobs, especially the Inner cities of Racine, Kenosha and Milwaukee.  We need to train these kids for those job; asap.

Next:  “tax the rich”,  further sends out messages that those like bill g/ates, Buffett, others shows that they are just not welcome in Wis. and they chase our seniors to go south.

Next Evers wil want to have a wealth  tax to go after our 401k’s

This is rank stupidity for our future but Murphy, Evers and the rest are just that ignorant.

Winston called the Russians a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”.  Wisconsin has become the same.

In Wisconsin, the most popular  politicians are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders:  

Out state they hate Mad city as we all hate DC.  They believe that the state govt. is only concerned about the Madison & Milwaukee axis, and that the lobbyists rule the state with their big money.  That is probably true.

The legislative leaders have about 20% popularity.  They have moved away from the grass roots in search of big money fro campaigns.  This has made an explosive situation some day.  Trump and Bernie excite their bases and will bring votes out, but 2022 will be something different. 

I seldom see any praise for any of the leaders, elders, parties, on Facebook or emails.

The primary race between Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir illustrated that the best, when Kevin won 55 counties to Leah’s 17.  Kevin campaigned against Mad cit,y out state ,and won there

A state that elected Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, while also voting for LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Obama can be a large puzzle for campaigns..

How can that be?

A Long time ago, in a meeting, Gaylord Nelson told me that the  state was 47/47 since Old Joe beat Bobby LaFollete Jr.  Any good GOP or Dems will get 47%, so the fight is over splinters and it is tough.

Most people in Wisconsin do not know that after old Joe won, the progressive party folded. The Legislators split between Dems and GOP.

The prominent Dems: Jim Doyle, Henry Maier, Gaylord Nelson, Bill Proxmire, Pat Lucey, Sen. Thompson, John Reynolds, met in Green bay to form the new Democrat party. They often had been the third party for 50 years.  At one time Henry Maier was minority leader of the Dems in the Senate, had only 7 senators.

Why are Elections so close In Wisconsin?

The Left with all its groups: PPH, Sierra club, lots of unions, teachers, work the grass roots hard, and they have thousands come to Wisconsin from Blue and Red states to organize and campaign.

In 2012 they had 143 Victory centers while GOP had ten.

GOP tends to ignore the key groups like right to Life, NRA, Wisconsin Conservative digest.  Only those with big bucks are listened to.

The LEFT has already been to our house twice.

They take Milwaukee and Dane county big, cause the GOP has folded their tents in those counties.

They beat Tommy one of our most popular guys on GOTV alone.

The GOP in 1992, for years had the MORE program, Kasten plan that stressed Grass roots involvement.  That was abandoned, the grass roots, cause of Rick Graber and RJ Johnson as they went to just big money; polls, ads, then more polls and ads. 

And big fat commissions that they made from tv and post cards.

Win or lose campaign managers walked with millions from our small donations.

That works in Red waves, but when the going gets tough, the RJ/Schmitz plan fails, then the GOP gets shot, despite spending 58 million dollars on Walker.

The GOP came out with nothing, while the Dems added to their grass roots.

Meanwhile both the GOP and the Dems clubs have disappeared.  

Abandoned by the leaderships in Mad city, the place that everyone hates, cause the leaders detest the  grass roots.  They wish to keep their party as an aristocracy.

Right now, after the Walker loss, the left has almost or more than 50% has the GOP cause of Act 10.  The GOP is hated by more than 50% of the state electorate.  I told Tommy last fall that no one from the Walker team will ever get elected, again, in a statewide race.

Conservatives are the biggest group in the state but the been largely ignored by the people in Mad city.  There fore they stay home.

In the last 20 plus years the GOP has allowed the membership to dissolve, failing to make even the smallest attempt to grow members.  At one time, Milwaukee had 10,000 members, but now a few hundred.

That gap is being filled in by the conservative groups and for awhile the Tea party groups, that the GOP ignored and called Crazies”.

This has caused the GOP to lose in the GOTV as the clubs, groups lost people.

They had few people to do what used to be a strong GOTV: Lit distribution, Doors, Dear friend cards, phoning and now most important, Social media.  

The GOP failed to energize the people at the lower level and ask them to vote.  At the latest Trump rally there were 4316 people that had not voted in the last election.  Nuts.  People fail to vote cause lack of  peer pressure, and no ones asks them.

In an area on the southside of Metro area, votes were down 37% from what the Trump team has as it’s goal.  Why?  No one there to do work, talk to people and push them to vote.

The Digest, Waukesha county and others will be  working hard to get them out.

According to last GOP Chair in Milwaukee, they had only two volunteers on the South side he could count on.  None in West Allis, a place where we can do very well.  I was chair of GOP there and rebuilt the party.

Now Ron Johnson, Mark Jefferson, Keith Best and other’s have worked to bring back the area to Grass Roots as Waukesha is helping us now.

Lots of areas in state are doing grassroots.

The Digest for the last 25 years has been the voice of the Conservatives as we get 1000 or more emails, Facebook daily and thousands of phone calls.

But, the last three budgets have pretty much ignored the biggest group; Conservatives, and failed to solve any big problems.  

They  threw money at the schools but failed to demand excellence..

Huge problems exist in state that are un-attended: roads, excellence in schools, crime in Metro area, lousy schools in 12 districts, drug crime, human trafficking, juvenile justice, and property taxes. 

Property taxes have stabilized but farmers, small business, seniors, have big problems paying them.  Wisconsin is in  top ten highest in country.

Despite having some of the biggest expenditure per pupil in nation, places like MPS, Madison the schools fail to deliver to the kids.  MPS must be busted up, it will never work.

How can they pass kids out of 3rd grade when they cannot read?
In fifth grade they cannot read their books, so they fail.

Instead of property tax reductions, we get income tax reduction, cause the lobbyists buy that..

Milwaukee is top ten worst run city and they want load on more taxes, more pork, to pay   for incompetence. 

They are 8th most violent city in America yet nothing happens. Down 300 cops, they spend their money on useless trollies and big time Forums.

Education was once led by the GOP, but we have lost that.  If we want to spend more money on schools, we must demand excellence, not just more bennies for the Educrats.

Same with he University system.

Why has tuition for Pharmacy school gone up 65 times since I was in school.  Outrageous.  Once the colleges found to they could stick all the kids with big loans they porked up.

Credit goes the Walker administration fro freezing tuitions but the whole system needs to be reorganized.

Education is our biggest expenditure yet scores are down.  GOP used to lead in these areas. 

We need educated kids, especially in Inner city, but tossing more money does not do it, without demanding excellence. 

The GOP created the districts and closed down the one room schools.  

Tommy was big in education cause he cared for the families in the inner city he created CHOICE, chap 220 and Open enrollment to get kids a chance..

The  present GOP has just thrown money at the problem.

Spending for education since 1970 has grown eleven fold for 350,000 fewer kids, but scores are down.

The DPI adopted Common Core, to grab millions for the state and that has proved to be disaster, according to Bill Gates.  As result of Common Core math scores are way down nationally as are STEM, Science and reading.

The Conservatives fought Common core but were ignored by the state whose responsibility is education.   Now Common Core is being dismantled across the country, but not in Tosa!!!!

Now the NEA and the Soros funded groups are demanding that the schools adopt Left wing politics, education and administration policies that has been done, taking money away from basic policies that kids need to get to college

In Wauwatosa  the spending on in classroom teachers is down to 54% of the budgets.

Since 1974 we have campaigned fro better education .  MPS will never work. It must be destroyed.  The left, teachers union, teachers, administration and Barrett only care about their money and their votes.  “Keep them down on the farm voting, never let them see Paree”.

Prominent Dems have told me that the Dems will never touch MPS cause it can’t be fixed, so whomever touches it will get killed next election.  The GOP except for Tommy felt it was the Dems problem so just wrote them off.

We backed Chap 220, Open enrollment, CHOICE so families, kids have a chance  in life but the Dems/left has fought them every day.

Vouchers gave kids the chance to get education as the schools got worse.

They teach kids that are poor to read through out the world but not in US.  They claim that single families, poverty  stop them from getting kids educated but that is just crap.  We feel that if they are unable to do it then get some new people .  Kids are terrible thing to lose.  We have such a need for good workers yet the kids cannot fill the spots cause they do not have the tools.

Maybe Trump can fix that next term if they let him.  

Trump wants to change that and has been down in the Hispanic areas and Inner city all the time, and his support is up to the 30’s.  That will kill the left.

Wisconsin can go for Trump again and elect a governor who can solve the big problems in education, as that is where we spend the most money.  We must fix crime, drugs, human trafficking, roads etc if we get the Conservatives going.

GOP won in big Red Waves and dominates the legislature by a natural gerrymandering as the Dems are so concentrated in small 80/20 areas while the GOP is in red areas out state in 53/47 districts, so it will  take a GOP governor that wants to solve problems with the Legislature or the Dems and GOP must work together.

The best way to get re-elected is to solve the problems, with good policy.

Volunteer to help?

We need help on the south side of Metro area.  If we take that we win.
So Help!!!


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