Come where the action is:

Hand out Volunteer cars people are starting to pay attention and want to be part of the team.

Recap the training and CPEC???
When next year, what we did wrong and right?
Comments please?

Christmas cookies for the Troops 12/6 War Memorial 12-5 PM
Cynthia is in charge
12/7  Aliotos from 1-4 PM Chris, Bob and Jean
Paris: PR

Inauguration Anniversary Party 1/26/2020
Bill McCoshen bring bring us winning strategy
Put on by Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty
I cannot believe I am typing that number and still here, 20 years after 2000.
Hampton Inn West Alli from 1-4 PM
This is kick off for the campaign, with a great speaker that Carlton will be getting us.  Andrew Hitt for GOP will talk about the GOP and how we, the Trump team, Conservatives, Vets, Sportsmen, Tea party will work together
The programs we will have: KAG Rallies and Coffees all round the state
Theses are small back yard, farmyard, small parks; rallies with American BBQ, hot dogs potato salad, baked bean cheer, beer, root beer from Point talking about the campaign. Getting yard signs, social media, phoning messages, handing out Dear Friend cards etc.

Then St. Pats’ Day party at Cliffords in Hales Corners where we can get 450 people in there for Green Beer, snacks, great band and singer, dancing.

April 2nd Kevin Nicholson is putting on a program to e announced.

“Rally for National Security”, Stop the Commies! put on by Tim Michels and co. bringing out the Vets, troops, police, fire, ICE, Sheriffs talking about he Border, Korea and trouble places.
Trump team will have us big time speaker on that.

Campaign Kick off for the summer with parades, picnics etc plans to get to them all
My 80th birthday and we want to have 20,000 volunteers to match the Left by then.

Sportsmen Campaign: Billie Johnson
weened everyone to help with this:  Gun shows, shoots, picnics, Trap competitors etc we want these epee .  All one million of them that take part in the uno in the fall.  Left hates theme love the we must ask them to vote and get peer pressure.

Vets; 500,000 in state.  We need you, the Left hates you. Tim Michels will lead the fight along with Kevin Nicholson to find these people march in the Memorial Day, 4th of July parades etc.

Trumps New Tea party:  where are you Tea party people we want you and wan to work with you.  Come out of your shell and help us with all these Programs.  We want Tea party Rallies to support the head Tea party guy: Donald J. Trump

We, you are the leaders.  Www all must work like the Left ode or we lose.

Facebook:  Wisconsin Conservative Digest and
Wisconsin Conservative Union; where we can debate.
Join Up, Like and find out what is happening.

Bob and Jean Dohnal