Meet Maria

Christmas magic is powerful. But the power in our hearts is even more magical. Our ability to love one another, to renew our faith, and bring hope into our lives and the lives of others are the greatest of gifts to give and receive.

Ten Christmases ago we imagined a charity that would allow everyday people to touch the lives of orphaned children. The truth is orphaned children have touched our hearts in ways we never could have imagined.
Children like Maria.
Maria and 13 other orphaned children were rescued from the most deplorable conditions of malnutrition and neglect in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Scared and confused they had nothing but the clothes on their backs.

It was heartbreaking.
World Orphan Fund donors provided emergency funds for medical care, housing and food. And then they provided the resources for the one thing Maria and the other children needed the most. A permanent, loving, family-style home with a full-time foster Mom.Maria before her rescue
Maria After RescueDuring the day the children attend a daycare where they receive extra attention and participate in programs that help them catch up developmentally.
There, one of the children’s teachers uses a positive discipline system where the kids earn “tickets” that they can use to buy little prizes or save up to buy larger prizes.

Five of the kids, including Maria, saved up for over a month, pooled their tickets together, and bought a beautiful necklace for their Casita mom, Zoilita, who they now all just call Mamá.
It’s so rare to see kids, especially kids who grew up in an environment focused on pure survival, team up on something, and on top of that, give so selflessly. I was so proud of them, and I really think it’s a testament to all of the love and life lessons they’ve received from their new families.
Thank You: Donate Today
Maria’s story is just one of many successes that would never have happened without your generous support.

Our Walker Center in Guatemala has provided more than 4,200 speech, physical and stimulation therapies for 73 children who suffer delays caused by abuse, neglect, and malnutrition. And we’ve trained 102 caregivers to continue therapy at the homes where they live.

It’s a place where miracles happen. Children who could not walk now walk and children who could not speak now speak.Anderson Learns to Walk
And their lives are no longer defined by the traumas they have suffered. Your contributions have funded five transition programs in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, where young adults are attending college and finding jobs outside the orphanages where they have grown up—defying the odds that have been stacked against them.
Special Needs Therapy And late last year, you helped us rescue 17 special needs orphans who were found abused and neglected in San Pedro Sula. Some had been kept in cages and pens. When another home offered to take them, but only if they could find resources for staff, you made it happen. Within days, your donations came in to fund their caregivers, therapy, and medical care for two years.

Now, 11 months later the children are safe. Loved. And thriving.

From clean water, medical supplies, and teachers to vocational training and special needs therapy, you’ve helped us change the lives of 2,392 children.

Think about that . . . each of these children now has a chance, a chance to live up to their God-given talents and make a difference in THEIR world.
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 20:11)

Together we can continue to make a difference in the lives of children around the globe, one child and one project at a time. Please consider helping these vulnerable children with a generous donation of $250, $500, $1000 or whatever your budget allows by the end of the year. Any amount makes a difference and will be greatly appreciated. I can promise you that 100% of your gift will be put to work o fund these very critical programs.
Thank you in advance for your continued generosity!
Merry Christmas,


R.J. Johnson, President
The World Orphan Fund

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