First, we know no words will do justice to everyone’s individual experience over the last couple weeks. All of us at Lyft feel the weight of our responsibility to the community, particularly right now.


We know Lyft can be a critical lifeline for communities in need. Many people still need help reaching essential services, and many drivers count on this work for extra income. We’re taking immediate action to help with both.

​Supporting drivers & maximizing community impact
While ride demand is temporarily down, we’re actively expanding services to create new opportunities for drivers, facilitate rides for those in need, and help distribute essential goods. To help protect drivers and the recipients, deliveries will be contactless. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Supporting delivery of medical supplies and providing access to necessary medical transportation, especially for low-income individuals.
  • Supporting delivery of meals for those in need, including kids who receive free or subsidized lunch at school, and home-bound seniors.
  • Using our platform to alert riders and drivers about key safety and public health updates, including curfews and shelter-in-place orders through our app.

Activating national LyftUp partnerships
Today, we activated LyftUp to donate tens of thousands of rides to those with essential transportation needs — especially for families and children, low-income seniors, doctors and nurses. We’re working with new and existing partners on this initiative including United Way, World Central Kitchen, and Team Rubicon.
All riders and drivers are asked to stay home if they are sick, and should work with a medical professional to discuss transportation options if they need to see a doctor. Per the CDC and local health officials, anyone who suspects they may have or is diagnosed with COVID-19 should not use ridesharing.
Coming together to help
Lyft has many available resources for those seeking to provide help for their communities.

As part of this work to support the community, we’re contributing our salaries to these efforts through the end of June. We’re grateful for you being part of the Lyft community and will continue to keep you updated.


John & Logan
Lyft Co-Founders