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Why the DOJ IG Report on Obama Admin. has been further delayed……


Not fact checked but quite interesting


It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. The validity of all their info will only be known with time.


Joseph DeGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing, both lawyers and both former federal prosecutors appeared on Fox Business News this evening. There are now reports that the release of the DOJ IG Report may be delayed again, this time until after Thanksgiving. DeGenova and Toensing could not say when it would be released but they confirmed that it “is definitely coming”, and that when it comes it will devastate the entire upper levels of the Obama Justice Department, the FBI and intelligence agencies.


Degenova called it “the biggest political scandal in US history.” He said that the revelations “will destroy entire careers” and that at a minimum, lawyers involved in the scandal even at the fringes are likely to lose their licenses to practice law. This was in specific reference to the alleged perjury and the abuse of the FISA Court process.  He also stated that according to their sources (and they claim to be very well sourced within the current investigation) the reason for the latest delay is that the IG’s report contains factual details and evidence that tie directly to criminal indictments currently being sought by US Attorney John Durham who opened his formal criminal investigation about ten days ago. 


According to Degenova at least one of the indictments that is currently being sought against one of the upper-level participants carries a possible twenty-year prison term. 


Toensing said that among the things that were uncovered during the IG’s review was the massive scope and extent of “unmasking” employed by Obama’s people in order to spy on US citizens for domestic political purposes.  She said this was far more extensive than anyone had imagined. Such conduct unless it is predicated on legitimate foreign surveillance intelligence requirements of the government would constitute a felony as to each count. 


According to Degenova and Toensing the details of the scandal and the extensive evidence regarding abuse of power are likely to be catastrophic to the upper levels of the Obama Administration. They mentioned not only the Justice Department and the FBI, but top level officials in the intelligence agencies, and by implication White House officials who are known to have engaged in much of the “unmasking” of US citizens.


If their assessment is accurate we should expect the IG’s report about the same time that major criminal indictments are announced by Durham and his team, probably about the same time that Democrats in the House race to take an impeachment vote in an effort to distract the public from the criminal clouds breaking over their own heads.